Federal judge in U.S. says local school board has failed to meet legal mandate to integrate

globe-304586_640Adherents of the Religion of Light find racial bias and discrimination not only offensive but also sinful.

When it comes to children and their education and future, it is appalling to find their opportunities being squashed because of racial biases among administrative groups which were otherwise responsible for providing a means for equal opportunities.

“Do not discriminate between persons of various castes and social statutes within society. Caste systems originate with the evil one and such systems are perpetrated by children of darkness. If you are biased towards those that you think are different than yourself – such as on the basis of skin colour, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, ethnicity, or economic situation – you are far from me and I do not know you…. Do not discriminate towards those who are poor or lowly or because of their colour or sexual orientation or because of their name or country of origin. (Teachings of Mir Izgadda 2:1-3; 14:4)

Refrain from judging others due to their gender, social status, ethnicity, colour, nationality, or sexuality. Practise equality. Reject biases. (Teachings of Mar Mani Khaila 9:3)

The following article by Nikole Hannah-Jones with ProPublica, highlights only one area in the world where racial discrimination continues to be a problem.
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