Study suggests careful purchase of electronic cigarettes

A recent study from IECMA (International Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers Association) shows that electronic cigarettes don’t acutely affect cardiac function. However, it doesn’t mean electronic cigarettes are all safe and healthy, and IECMA suggests smokers to choose big brand-name electronic cigarettes supplied by large electronic cigarette OEM factories like KIMREE, JSB and JOYETECH.

This research involved 42 smokers varied in age from 25 to 45. It examined the heart function of 20 regular smokers before and after smoking one tobacco cigarette against 22 electronic cigarette users before and after using the device for seven minutes. The result revealed a noticeable increase in blood pressure and heart rate of regular smokers, while only a slight impact on heart function of electronic cigarette users. Which means though electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, less is likely to be absorbed than tobacco cigarettes.

“It’s just a small research. Since the number of participants and electronic cigarettes is limited, it doesn’t mean that electronic cigarettes are all safe to use, but only good ones don’t harm the heart. The market is full of counterfeit and shoddy products, so smokers should be careful when choosing electronic cigarettes.” said Edie Creve, a researcher of IECMA.

James Schneider, the CEO of IECMA said, “If smokers want healthy and safe products, they’d better choose electronic cigarettes manufactured by large OEM factories like KIMREE, JSB and JOYETECH. Anyway, these leading companies of electronic cigarette manufacturers have advanced technology and complete quality control system. What’s more important is that they adhere to the principle of ‘quality first’.”


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