Merkel Liaison Pledges to Safeguard Circumcision

The Jerusalem Post reports that “the German government will ensure that Jews can perform circumcisions, a top aide to German Chancellor Angela Merkel wrote the European Jewish Association on Sunday. The letter was sent to Menachem Margolin, director of the Rabbinical Center of Europe.”

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This is a very important issue to Manichaeans as whatever affects one religious group should concern all religious people throughout the world.

A couple of months ago, there were news reports saying that the German government was planning to ban circumcision.

The German government has not been the only one to suggest this as the Norwegian government has also given hints of prohibiting circumcision.

It is very troubling when secular governments try to limit religious freedoms. This is nothing but a reflection of the Evil One, who wants to limit people’s freedoms to fulfill their God-given Covenants.

Although circumcision is not a requirement for Manichaeans, it is a requirement for those who are trying to follow the Sinai Covenant, which was instituted between God and Moses.

To us, this Covenant is valid for those who want to uphold it, and we defend their freedom to do so.

Let us pray that the German government will take the right course by ensuring the religious freedom of a substantial number of their citizens.



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