Jewish Student Says Attackers Stapled His Lips Shut

ABC News reports that a “19-year-old college student who was attending a party near Michigan State University early Sunday morning said he was beaten and his lips were stapled together after his attackers asked if he was Jewish… Zachary Tennen told police that … two men punched him after he told them he was Jewish when they asked.”

The victim’s mother “told the Indianapolis Star newspaper that the two men raised their arms ‘in a Nazi salute, chanting ‘Heil Hitler,” before attacking Tennen. They then allegedly stapled his lips together, forcing a staple into his gums, according to the report.”

East Lansing authorities told ABC News they don’t believe the assault was a hate crime.
Tennen is now at home recuperating from surgery.

Okay, so the East Lansing police department has stated, so far, that they “do not believe the assault was a hate crime”. Let’s review the facts: The Young Jewish man, is accosted by thugs who call themselves members of the Ku Klux Klan, they ask him if he is Jewish and then beat him up, stapling his lips shut, they then make the ‘Heil Hitler” salute. The question is not whether this was a hate crime but how is it possible for the East Lansing police department NOT see this as anything but a hate crime? It is a textbook case of a hate crime! If that department’s first step in any investigation is to throw out the obvious facts, then of course their investigation will be “ongoing”.


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