Students using pics, videos and texts to help stop bullying

We have all seen the videos of Karen Klein, the 68 year old school monitor being bullied on a school bus in New York. The visual impact of the videos posted on YouTube created a national outrage. Why? As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

The questions must be asked, “What would have happened if the students had a way of sending that video to a school administrator instead of posting it on YouTube. Could the issue have been dealt with without national attention?”

With a new program called Text-A-Tip4Schools students can now use their cell phones to send more than just text tips. The program expands current successful text-a-tip programs and empowers students to report bullying with pictures and videos. In addition, unlike current one-way text-a-tip programs that only allow students to leave text messages, Text-a-Tip4Schools establishes anonymous two-way text communication which allows for more detailed information to be acquired for school administrators.

This new technology allows students to anonymously provide details of bullying, fights, drugs, or any suspicious activity they see going on in their schools, to the school administrators without the fear of being labeled a “snitch,” “rat,” “narc,” or “tattletale” by their peers. Students who witness suspicious activity can now send videos, pictures, or text messages to get help or alert the principal of what is going on.

“Text-a-tip programs work because students like it and use it says,” Alvin Butler President/CEO. “Mobile phones and texting is a very comfortable way for the youth of today to communicate.”

“The school has gotten a lot safer, like we don’t have as many problems…last year everyone was getting in trouble but now they don’t bother to bring it to school anymore.” says Jessica Simerly, age 17, of Heritage High School in Knoxville, TN after getting a text-a-tip program in their school.

Similar text-a-tip programs are also working in California, Colorado and other school districts.
The text message tip hotline, called Text-A-Tip, was adopted by…Douglas County [Colorado] School District in March. In the first two months of the program, the tip line received 146 leads, one of which was about a student who was said to have a “kill list” and access to weapons. After the lead was validated, the student was arrested. Several other drug possession and theft arrests have also resulted from students using Text-A-Tip” Campus Safety Magazine

By allowing two-way texting, pictures and videos, Text-A-Tip4Schools gives students and administrators a powerful new tool in their effort to make their schools safer.

For more information contact:
Allvin Butler
Evolve Mobile Communication, Inc.
dba/ Text-A-Tip 4 Schools
8101 Sandy Spring Road Suite 230
Laurel, MD 20707
Office 301-262-7574


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