(Editorial) Message to World Leaders on the use of Nuclear Weapons: “It’s Time to Grow Up”

For a long time now, the leaders of Israel and the leaders of Iran have been threatening each other with nuclear strikes.

There are legitimate concerns that the two nations have and must address…but go nuclear? Seriously?

While the leaders of both nations are threatening such actions, neither the people of Israel nor the people of Iran wish to experience nuclear war. Nor does any nation surrounding these countries.

If the issue is religion, nuking Israel will kill Muslims, Christians, Bahai’s and others who are not Jewish. Nuking Iran will kill Zoroastrians, Manichaeans, Bahai’s, Bayani’s, Jews and Christians and those of no particular faith. So why is it that all of these religious groups need to become the victims of a handful of those who simply will not “play nice”?

No sane person wants nuclear war, but time and again, the idea keeps being presented by these two governments. Everyday there is another story of Israel asserting that it is a necessity to nuke Iran sites and everyday Iranian leaders seem to be provoking Israel acting as if they want such an action so they will issue a counter strike.

There is no “reasonable” outcome that includes nuclear weapons. Humans, animals and plant life, all are victims if such a conflict develops.

It was insane when the US and Russian threatened one another with nuclear weapons.

Is insane whenever North Korea threatens the Western world with nuclear weapons.

It is insane whenever India and Pakistan threaten each other with nuclear weapons.

And yes, it is still insane when Israel and Iran threaten each other with nuclear weapons.

If the nuclear option is used…nobody wins.

Ideally, individual nations that have serious issues with one another could come to the table and discuss such matters in a way that does not end in bloodshed. But, apparently, this kind of thinking is considered “naive”.

So, if they must engage in conflict better that the leaders find a private location and settle it between themselves. Those who have a grievance take it outside, so to speak. In other words, do not let your hatred, your ignorance and your blood lust spill over those who wish to live in peace and harmony.

We will never see this because the backbone of those who cry out for blood, is made up of the numbers civilians they can goad into ignorant violence.

In a world where a country or region can be devastated by weapons of mass destruction, the level of discourse needs to be more sane and less vitriolic. If a random outburst can cause a person to grab weapons and kill innocent men, women and children, then the continued heated rhetoric of nations can and will result in large scale damage in the world one day.

The nuclear option is not an option for a sane world.

Governments of the world: stop placing war-mongers in charge of your armories. Stop encouraging firebrands to incite the public to cause suffering. You have great power in the world, show it by teaching peace and compassion and that there are other ways to settle differences that do not include irradiating this small blue ball that we all happen to call “home”.


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