Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: Sexual Predators hiding in plain sight

Recently, in Southern Oregon, a news story was published about a young boy who  escaped from a sexual predator. The boy was a parishioner of a local Catholic Church as were his parents. The attacker was the local Roman Catholic Priest.

The reputation among the families of the Southern Oregon Church was considered good, so, when the local priest, Father Ramirez, asked the boys parent’s if he could take the young boy up to his cabin in the mountains, the parents, felt they had no reason to distrust the priest.

During the trip, the boy, one night, said he woke up to the priest lying next to him in his underwear and he had removed part of his clothing and was trying to touch him inappropriately. The boy told authorities that the priest was also offering him beer as well. When he tried to get up to leave the room, the priest told the body to come back to bed.

At that point the boy ran out of the house and down the road. A man working in his yard saw the panicked boy and offered to help him. The boy told him that the priest had been touching him and that he ran away.

What surprised the man even more was that, in quick pursuit, running after the young victim, was the priest himself, only wearing his underwear.

The reports in the news stated that the look in the eyes of the priest seemed like he was irritated that the man did not hand the boy back to him.

The man took to boy to the authorities and the priest has been arrested for sexual molestation, and offering alcohol to a minor.

When asked why he did it, the priest’s excuse was “I was drunk”.

The local parish, is defending the priest, believing him to be a pillar of the community.

Now as disgusting as this case is, it is just one of a vast number of similar cases.

The reason I point this out is that the Catholic Church, in not so distant history, would have either turned the other way in such cases or even relocated the priest to a different parish.

Also, the rhetoric that comes from certain religious groups is that the problem, as they view it, is the gay agenda infiltrating the church and oddly enough there are people who buy into this rhetoric.

The claims are false for a number of reasons.

First, Sexual Orientation has nothing to do with Sexual Predators. Would people be more comfortable if the story above were about a young girl molested as opposed to a young boy?

Second, Recent studies show that Gay couples who have adopted children are exemplary parents.


So, the notion that sexual orientation was the motivation of such attacks is false.

Third, similar crimes are not limited to the Christian Church but other religious institutions as well, also different Educational institutions, youth programs, sports organizations and so on. It is not about celibate priests or about gay or lesbian directors over children’s programs. This has everything to do with sexual predators who intentionally seek out circumstances where they can be over and alone with, small children and take advantage of them.

Some of these predators may define themselves as heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. However, these designations are irrelevant because the truth of the matter is they are pedophiles. People who take perverse pleasure in desecrating innocent children for their own sick interests. They may have families or live alone. They come from different backgrounds but their conduct is always the same.

Predators seek out circumstances where they can control and betray the innocent. That is what they do.

What adds insult to injury however, is when those who believe they are defending victims use the tragedy to attack Gays and Lesbians in addition to all of this.

Predator’s hide in many fields and prey upon all of the innocent, boy or girl, religious or not, Heterosexual or Homosexual. They are only interested in causing suffering for their own perverse ways.

When any institution creates a space for such predators to flourish, the innocent will suffer. When any institution labels any sexual orientation to blame for the motivation of such tragedies the innocent will also suffer.

Pedophilia is not a Sexual Orientation it is hate crime against children.


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