U.N. cites war crimes in Syria by government, rebels

CNN reports that “both Syrian regime forces and anti-government rebels have committed war crimes in the Syrian conflict, a United Nations commission concluded Wednesday.”

“In the town of Houla on May 25, the commission said, President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and militia allies were responsible for killing more than 100 civilians, nearly half of them children.

The anti-government armed groups that have emerged over the past year also have committed war crimes, including ‘murder, extrajudicial killings and torture,’ the report says. But the commission says these actions ‘were not of the same gravity, frequency and scale as the ones perpetrated by government forces and the militia.”

Read the rest of the story here

Manichaeans have a substantial presence in Syria. We pray everyday for our brethren suffering from the atrocities committed by both governmental and anti-governmental forces.

As Manichaeans, we should never take our religious freedom for granted. We are nearing the time of the Great Struggle when the forces of Good and Evil will battle each other.

While we may be able to express our faith comfortably for the time being, such security is not assured in the future, and we should always be aware how our brethren in other lands have to live their faith underground.


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