Hungary far-right leader discovers Jewish roots

Associated Press reports that Csanad Szegedi, of Hungary’s far-right Jobbik Party,who “was notorious for his incendiary comments on Jews …. acknowledged in June that his grandparents on his mother’s side were Jews — making him one too under Jewish law, even though he doesn’t practice the faith. His grandmother was an Auschwitz survivor and his grandfather a veteran of forced labor camps.”

Szegedi had accused the Jews “of ‘buying up’ the country, railed about the ‘Jewishness’ of the political elite and claimed Jews were desecrating national symbols.”

Since his recent admission, “the 30-year-old has become a pariah in Jobbik and his political career is on the brink of collapse. He declined to be interviewed for this story”.

Read the rest of the story on Yahoo! News

Manichaeism emphasizes the universal equality of all mankind, and as such any form of hatred like Anti-Semitism is not tolerated.

This story goes to show how blind hatred can be in that you can end up hating yourself without knowing it. In fact, since all of humanity is One, hating another person is essentially hating oneself, too.

But if you read the entire story, specially towards the end, it seems that Szegedi is repenting for the things he has said about the Jews, and hopefully there will be a happy ending to this story.

In Manichaeism, we believe that all human beings have the free will to repent, seek forgiveness from God and fellow human beings, and make amends for their past errors.

Hopefully Mr. Szegedi will apply the gift of free will with wisdom.


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