Explosion near UN monitors’ HQ in Damascus

Following up on the previous story on Syria, Russia Today reports that “three were wounded when a bomb exploded on Wednesday 10 meters away from the Damas Rose hotel in Damascus, Syria, where UN monitors are headquartered.

None of those reported injured were believed to be UN staff.

Faisal Mekdad, Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister, toured the area of the blast and said that none of the UN staff was hurt. The explosion occurred as UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos was visiting the Syrian capital, but her team is believed to be headquartered at a different hotel.

The attack was targeted against UN observers, Mekdad claimed, and called on the international community to unite in rejecting this act of terrorism, RT correspondent Oksana Boyko tweeted from the scene of the bombing.

“This is a criminal act that shows what kind of attacks Syria is being subjected to,” Mekdad told reporters. “Such explosions will not affect Syria … I confirm that we are with the UN and we will do all we can to guarantee their protection so that they carry out their role.”

­Later in the day, shooting broke out near the Prime Minister’s office and smoke could be seen billowing from behind the Iranian embassy building in Damascus, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The country’s security forces were reported to be chasing rebels who had penetrated the capital. Several opposition fighters were killed, say local media.”

Read the rest of the article here with Photos


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