Aerial spraying of insecticide in Texas

A recent article in the Washington Post reports that Dallas County in the state of Texas “authorized aerial spraying of insecticide on Friday for the first time in nearly five decades to help fight the mosquito-born illness.”

Danny Robbins, author of the article, says that Dallas County has suffered “the nation’s deadliest outbreak of West Nile virus this year.” There have been almost 90 cases of West Nile virus for the county thus far, killing at least 9 people.

Officials are extremely concerned about the situation and have told residents they are doing what is best for the county. A public health emergency was declared Thursday. Each of the counties nearby have reported one death each.

County officials said that simply avoiding being bitten by the mosquitoes is simply not enough. While spraying is a highly debated and controversial topic, records indicate that it has been helpful in maintaining a lower rate of persons being infected with the virus.

Several other states such as Louisiana, Georgia and others use similar methods in keeping the mosquito population down.


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