World may be facing new food crisis, millions may suffer

Photo of interior of grocery store. Photo: Wikimedia

The UN is warning that due to severe droughts some countries may begin enacting export bans. U.S. citizens have already experienced major surges in food prices. Experts say that not only is the drought the cause of higher food prices, but also high oil prices, use of biofuels and generally bad weather. Last month alone, within the U.S., soybean and corn prices soared, causing food prices to go up again.

Families who currently receive government assistance due to disabilities or other problems are seeing that it is more difficult to provide enough food for their families.

Experts are worried however, that certain countries, such as Russia, may begin imposing very restrictive export bans. Experts have also said that the recent surge in grain prices could cause millions of people to suffer from hunger and illness. Those who are already struggling with the high prices of groceries will obviously suffer the most.


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