Boy collapses several times after playing Xbox

The Star Press says that a “15-year-old Ohio boy collapsed after a four-day Xbox marathon.” It was reported that the boy was “locked in his bedroom for the majority of the weekend playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”, a popular “first-person shooter” game.

NBC reported that the boy collapsed more than once Tuesday after he left his room. He was then treated at a hospital for extreme dehydration.

The Xbox has since been taken away.

Manichaeans believe and teach that the spirit is trapped by its attachments to the physical world, one of the more obvious manifestations of this type attachment are addictions.

There are many forms of addiction in the world, the addiction to technology is a modern manifestation of an ancient problem.

Addictions to video games, cell phones, texting, social networking, apps, the internet etc. are all examples of the addiction to technology.

A number of people have already died from excessive playing of video games without a break. One of the more notable was a man in South Korea who died during a LAN party surrounded by many fellow players all playing the same MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). But no one noticed he was dead for over 8 hours.

Anything that we cannot let go of will not let go of us either. There are repercussions for all addictions and they are never pleasant.


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