Report says Amish population growing by leaps and bounds

English: Amish raking hay in southeast Ohio.
English: Amish raking hay in southeast Ohio. (Photo Wikimedia) reports that “the Amish are spreading out across the nation more rapidly than most other religious communities.”

A new Amish settlement is founded in the United States nearly once a month, according to a new census, which also found that more than 60 percent of all existing Amish communities sprang up after 1990.

“The Amish are one of the fastest-growing religious groups in North America,” Ohio State researcher Joseph Donnermeyer, who led the census project, said in a statement. “They’re doubling their population about every 21 to 22 years, primarily because they produce large families and the vast majority of daughters and sons remain in the community as adults baptized into the faith, starting their own families and sustaining their religious beliefs and practices.”

The census counts 250,784 Amish in the United States and Ontario, Canada, across 456 settlements where members live and worship. That figure is up from 179 communities in 1990.

It has been predicted that in less than 50 years, that there may be more than 1 million Amish living within the United States in 1,000 settlements.


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