Coptic Church leader lashes out at government

The current leader of Egypt’s Coptic Church lashed out at Egypt’s new government Saturday, criticizing Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. Archbishop Pachomius said he believes there is an unfair representation of Christians that limits their rights as citizens.

In the former government, Copts held two posts in a 30-member Cabinet. Pachomius said he wanted at least four Coptic ministers for the new government. Pachomius told media outlets that he completely rejects the new Cabinet.

Sarah El Deeb, writing for Associated Press, said, “The concerns of the Coptic minority have risen with the rise of Islamists to power because they fear their rights may be curtailed and that they could become targets of extremist Muslim attacks.”

President Morsi has come under fire from others, including women and youth groups, who believe they are not properly being represented.

Immediately after Morsi was confirmed as president of the new government, sectarian violence exploded in a village just miles from Cairo causing Christians to flee for their lives. Saturday a spokesperson for Morsi said there were no forced evictions of Christians.

There has been violence between Muslims and Christians for centuries, including violence between Copts and other Christian groups. Copts make up about 10 percent of the the countries population of more than 80 million and is the largest Christian group in Egypt.


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