Fear of Islamization results in an attempt to deny Religious Freedom

English: A symbol of Islam, the Star and Cresc...
(Photo credit: Wikimedia)

Recently, in the town of Murfreesboro, just south of Nashville, Tennessee, a conflict has developed over the construction of an Islamic Center.

There are vocal critics of the construction, claiming that the building of an Islamic center will contribute to the Islamization of America and that Sharia Law will become the law of the nation.

The political representatives making these remarks are casting all Muslims as Radicals and all Islamic centers for worship as hotbeds of jihadis.

This is hatred and fear fueled by ignorance.

There is a distinction between what is “Islamic” and what is “Islamist.” Average Muslim men, women and children peacefully live their lives alongside all other people. An Islamist is a militant zealot who uses violence to enforce their ideals on others.

Islamists threaten all people including peace loving Muslims.

For an example of this, look to the country of Mali, which has Islam as its national religion. Recently Al Qaeda linked fighters in Timbuktu attacked a Muslim Tomb that is a cherished sites in this Muslim country.

Muslims are defending the site against Islamist militants.

The point being,the threat is not the Muslim people but radical Islamist zealots.

The Islamic centre in Murfreesboro is made of Muslim men, women and children that are part of that society.

A Mosque in an American town will not lead to Sharia Law in the U.S. People learning about Islam will not lead to Islamist violence. Ignorance leads to violence.

Those seeking to tear down the tomb in Timbuktu and those seeking to deny the construction of an Islamic Centre in Murfreesboro, while professing to have different agendas, are ending up doing the same thing. Instilling fear among the people based on ignorance.





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