Syrian Troops Blast Aleppo

Map of Syria with Aleppo highlighted
Map of Syria with Aleppo highlighted(Photo: Wikimedia)

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Syrian government staged a “counteroffensive to retake control of districts that had fallen into rebel hands last week at the beginning of their bid to capture Aleppo.”

Mohammed Saeed, an activist in Aleppo, said that at least 200 fighters entered the city of Aleppo Sunday so they could join 1,000 others, “to take on the Syrian army,” according to an article in Wall Street Journal.

There are several Manichaeans who reside in the ancient country of Syria and have taken great measures to ensure their safety. Manichaeans believe that while secular governments have the potential of doing good for its citizens, the only true solution to mankind’s problems can be found in a Theocratic government under the rule of God.

H.H. Mar Innai, the Earthly Patriarch of the Manichaean Church, said in a recent message titled “In God We Trust…In Governments? Not So Much” that “the world we live in and the governments of this world, are far from perfect. Whether a nation is rooted in faith, or its politics, they all suffer from the human element, that no nation can be greater than the sum of its parts when everyone acts in self interest.”

The Patriarch continued by saying that “a true Theocracy is a kingdom or country that places God, not only as its ruler but abides by God’s Rule in how to live in that environment.” You can read the full article here.


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